Seconds Retro Teams and Grand Tour Cups and Mugs

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Various Cups and mugs from the grand Tour and Retro Teams range that have imperfections or marks that make them not quite 100% perfect; they are still perfectly usable and still feature lovely designs though!

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La Vie Claire Mug Second, Molteni Arcore Mug Second, La Vie Claire Espresso Second, Sammontana Cappuccino Second, Sammontana Mug Second, Alpe d'Huez Black Label Espresso Second, Grand Tour Mailot Jaune Cappuccino Second (no saucer), Grand Tour Mailot Jaune Mug Second, Grand Tour Maglia Rosa Mug Second, Grand Tour Polka Dot Mug Second, Monte Grappa Espresso Second, PDM Cappuccino Second, SEM Cappuccino Second, Brooklyn Espresso Second, Maglia Rosa Espresso Second (plain saucer), PDM Stacking Cup Set, World Champs Espresso (colour back to front plain saucer), Grand Tour Polka Dot Espresso Second (plain Saucer), Rouleur Chris Froome Mug