Cycling Gifts & Souvenirs For Him & Her

Cyclists are a funny species. Come rain or shine, give us a little time and freedom to roam on our bike and we will be happy for hours.

All you need to cycle is a bike! And yet there is a world of cycling gifts, souvenirs, trinkets, gadgets, gizmos and widgets out there. Here at cycling souvenirs – we scour the web to provide you, alongside our own products, the most bespoke and beautiful collection of cycling gifts for men and women.

If you’re looking for cycling gift inspiration you are in the right place! Read on for more cycle present ideas and some info on how we operate…

cycling gifts and souvenirs inspiration for men and women


As you browse around cycling souvenirs you may notice that we offer a slightly different experience to your typical online shop…

We combine our own products that we manufacture and despatch from our warehouse with interesting cycling gift idea products from around the web.

When you view a product, sometimes you’ll add it your cart and buy from us, other times you’ll be directed to a trusted retailer who carries the stock.

Why do this?

Well, it would be great if we were able to stock every single cycling related gizmo on the market but the fact is we can’t. There is so much out there and we don’t want to limit your choice to just what we stock.

Great gifts start with good options.

Choosing a gift for someone (especially a cyclist) is a very personal thing. Of course – you want the best cycling gift, but you also want your cycling gift to be delivered on time and in good condition. So we only show you products from retailers that we have worked with before and trust.

There’s no need to do anything special, simply browse the site, find something you like and buy it.

best cycling gifts and souvenirs from men and women on the internet

What does this mean for me?

Well, it gives you options. Sometimes a product will be sold by many retailers. For example this lovely Paris Roubaix cycling jersey. So we show you everywhere you can buy it from, including us. If you’re happier shopping on Amazon then no problem. If one site is cheaper and you prefer them, also no problem… we give you the option, because we know you’ll be back to find more inspiration soon.

Bespoke Cycling Gift Wishlist

One of the best features of the cycling souvenirs website is the wishlist. As you browse around, simply click the heart shaped “add to wishlist” icon and you can curate your own list of desirable cycle gifts and souvenirs. All in one place, right here.

From your wishlist page (no signup or account required) you can share your list with your friends and family to give them suggestions and options 😉


So enough about the mechanics of lets look at some of the best cycling gifts known to man (and woman)!

Cycling Gifts For The Home & Kitchen

retro cycling mug gift souvenir cat

If the cyclist in your life loves coffee and/or tea then head on over to our HOME & KITCHEN section. Here you’ll find cycling inspired coffee cups and mugs galore and a few other treats to adorn your beloved home with…



cycling gift clothing souvenirs

We have a splendid array of cycling clothing. Whether it be jerseys or t-shirts – we have selected things that make great gifts, and everything is returnable meaning there is no risk of the item not fitting…



cycling figurine model cyclist km marker gift souvenir cat

In our cycling Toys & Gadgets section you’ll find a bespoke collection of cycling models and figurines, iconic model road markers and a bunch of other lovely items. Cycling should be fun so these playful gift ideas bring a smile to the whole family…



bicycle pumps and tools gifts and ideas

You may think that cycling tools make rather dull gift ideas, but there are some really beautifully crafted pumps and tools out there. And you know what, a cyclist loves nothing more than to wash his bike so buying him some bike care goodies is a great way to go to put a low cost smile on his face…



cycling maps gifts books dvds cat

The great thing is, most cyclists are able to read. We all love a good book or magazine  – especially when it’s laden with cycling geekery, facts, figures and above all shiny objects.

So we have collated a range of cycling books, magazines and DVDs. All of which make fantastic gift options for men or women. Go check them out…