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Z Vetements Mini Cyclist Figurine

Hand painted Z Vetements mini cyclist figurine, wearing the classic Z Vetements cycling jersey. Beautifully finished and sent out in individual mini boxes.

These charming Zamak Cast miniature little cyclists were first created in the 1950s in France by a small family run company Fonderie Roger. Made of metal (zink and alloy) they started as parts to a cycling game but demand for the model cyclists quickly outstripped that of the game.

Today, they are just as popular and incredibly collectible. The standard ones are hand painted in France. The special edition ones and personalised ones are hand painted by artists in the UK.


The retro teams range are hand painted with decals in France and have a super-detailed, glassy finish.

  • Approximate size is 5x5x2
  • Retro Teams Miniature Cyclist models are presented in a black Little Cyclist box.


Our great range of mini cyclist figures includes, retro teams, modern day teams, national jersey’s.


Personalised Options

Want your very own mini cyclist wearing your favourite kit or your own team jersey? Not a problem. Simply choose the personalsied option and then send us an email with details of the kit you would like ideally with an image if possible.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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